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What is facelift?

We would love to introduce you to the future of design in board sports. In the past you have always been limited to the small selection of designs that the manufacturers chose. Now YOU can choose.

Boards last most people many years of use and abuse. The board itself still rides almost as well as it did the day you bought it. So why would someone spend so much money on a new board every year? The most popular reason: The board has become boring. Don't let ugly graphics or wanting a new and different look empty you wallet, get your board a Facelift.

Facelift Concepts give you the ability to make your board look brand new again. You can fully customize your Facelift to give your board the look YOU always wanted.

Facelifts are easy to apply, takes most people less then 15 minutes. You can choose one of our unique designs or work with one of our artists to create that custom masterpiece. Whatever you can imagine, you can be riding. Facelifts are durable and will last many years. When it is time to change it up, Facelifts can be removed, leaving an untouched deck ready for its next Facelift!

If you are looking for a custom snowboard or a custom skateboard, you have come to the right place. We also produce high quality kiteboard and wakeboard graphics and can even make you a custom wrap for your skis. The Facelift is applied much in the same way as you would apply skateboard grip tape.

Take a tour of our website; check out our blog for all the latest company news and our events page will let you know where you can find us and our team riders. Our very own Team Facelift consists of some of the countries best riders. For a limited time sign up for a MyFacelift account and receive a free sticker pack!


Company overview

Facelift Concepts was born in 2002 out of an idea: there must be a way to customize your snowboard without spending another $500+? That's when Facelift Concepts became a reality. Since then we have been developing, testing and producing our product. With the recent innovations in technology and digital design, teamed with our extensive research and testing, Facelift Concepts completed our first product line in 2006.

Now every Facelift is specifically designed for the conditions, boards, and surfaces they will be applied to. We rode dozens of resorts, surfed dozens of breaks, and slid many a rail to prove our product will endure. Now all our customers can rest assured that their Facelift will both function and last.

Our original designs are created by very talented artists, showcasing many different styles. We produce artwork designed specifically for our product and for your board. We are fortunate to work with some of the leading artists in the world of snowboard art and skateboard art. Look for new artists and new artwork being added to the site routinely.



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